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Smart home security for everyone.

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Well Managed Home Control and Energy Savings

Guard Your Home

and Office from Burglars

Keep your home and business safe and secure with us

You’ve worked hard to purchase your home and manage your business – don’t let even one incident ruin it.
Security products from Safe Circuits are an excellent deterrent to any potential burglar.

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Get video surveillance

If you’re often away from your home or business, you can monitor your property from any computer, smart phone, or tablet.

security systems designed

Protect your valuables

Should burglars attempt to break into your property, you can detect them with state of the art security systems designed and installed by our experienced installation team.

automated systems in queens

Get automated systems

With modern technology from Safe Circuits Inc, you can get automated systems installed in your property for convenience and safety. Turn on/off lights or change a thermostat’s temperature from your smartphone!

best security system in ny

Work with the best

With over 29 years of experience, we are the best in town for security systems. You can find competitive pricing and meticulous professional service, so get in touch with us to get protection for your properties.